Pet Policy

Port Logan Lodge Holiday Accommodation Pet Policy

  • Although Port Logan Lodge holiday accommodation is pet friendly, we do adopt a strict pet policy to protect our property and for the benefit and comfort of all guests who come to stay with us.
  • A maximum of two small or one medium-sized well-behaved dog is allowed at the cottage at any one time. Please note, that dogs considered to be dangerous breeds are not accepted.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any booking that we feel is not appropriate.
  • Full details, including the name and breed of dog must be given on the booking form. On arrival, should the pet you have brought not reflect those details on the booking form, we reserve the right to refuse occupation. In these circumstances, the cost of your holiday less your deposit of £100 will be kept by us to compensate for our loss of earnings of the booking.
  • In consideration of our other and future guests, pet owners are responsible for cleaning up and disposing of all pet refuse.
  • For the consideration of future guests at the accommodation, please note that pets are not allowed on the furniture or in the bedrooms at any time. Any evidence of pets on furniture or bedding will incur extra cleaning costs which will be deducted from your good housekeeping deposit.
  • A Muddy Daddy is available for washing down muddy/sandy pets. We also supply doggy towels for use with your pet. Please ensure your pets are clean and dry before allowing them into the accommodation. Please do not use the bath in the bathroom to clean your pet.
  • Pets should be treated with flea and tick repellent prior to arrival. The cost of dealing with any infestation caused by your pet will be deducted from your good housekeeping deposit.
  • We assume no responsibility for illness or injury that may occur to your pet whilst you are staying in the holiday accommodation. Details of the Academy Vets in Stranraer can be found inside the tourist information folder.